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Kinder's Brown Sugar Oxtails | Mini Wonton Tacos

Kinder's Brown Sugar Oxtails | Mini Wonton Tacos


  • Round wonton wrappers
  • Coleslaw packet mix
  • Red Pepper Coulis
  • Scallions for garnish


  • Brown both sides of oxtails (seasoned with Kinder's Brown Sugar Dry Rub mix & granulated garlic) well in bacon fat then transfer to pressure cooker; cook until fork tender or fall off bone stage
  • Deep fry round wonton to just under golden brown.
  • Prepare coleslaw mix with granulated sugar, mayo, and white vinegar.
  • Blenderize roasted bell peppers any color with skin peeled off. Place in squeeze bottle.
  • Assemble taco with oxtail first; add coleslaw next; add coulis sauce; garnish with thin sliced green onions (cut on bias).



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