Local flavor, with a history

Like other regional barbecue styles, California BBQ reflects a location and a lifestyle. Its roots date back to the mid-1880s, when local vaqueros [vah-kair-ohz] would celebrate the end of a long cattle drive with an open pit barbecue feast. The wood they used came from apple and walnut orchards. The spices they added were from Spanish and Native influences. Their method evolved to become a unique barbecue style with a distinctly California flavor.

 Kinder’s signature slow-smoke process draws on these traditions. Using lighter fruitwoods for just a hint of smoke, and the fresh flavors of citrus, garlic and chilies to give a sweet-spice-smokiness that’s absolutely addictive. It’s a bold, bright taste that’s winning barbecue cook-offs across the country, and converting fans to the lighter, fresher flavors of California BBQ.



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